Village Center Extras

Village Center Extras

  • The villages are open from 8 to 11 months a year

    Village Center offers its owners the possibility of having their mobile home most of the year. Mediterranean, Atlantic, Countryside … the choice is yours.

  • Free access to the whole family

    Village Center offers quality equipment and services (water park, sports area, children’s clubs…). Enjoy many free activities and compose your on-demand holiday.

  • Control of your annual rent

    Unlike our competitors, your rent is capped at 2.5%. So you won’t face any unreasonable raises in your bill.

  • La carte Nomade… Exceptional benefits!

    For extended stays, you’ll enjoy all of Village Center destinations at your own pace and without limit through a simple flat fee of 55 € a week! You’ll discover our entire catalog every week, every month, every year.

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    Carte nomade