Outdor life in Mobile Home


  • Owning your mobile home in Village Center is choosing the outdoor life. A choice that will make each member of the family indulge in his favorite activities and choose his lifestyle.
  • While some opt for lazing by the pool or on the shaded terrace, others may prefer to participate in volleyball tournaments, soccer or petanque (bowls) competition. While older explore the nature surrounding for days of dawdling or sightseeing, youngsters will stay at the mini-club, supervised by qualified animators doing sports and enjoying fun activities.
  • In the evening, after tasting the delicious regional dishes served by the restaurants of the village, theme parties will entertain all generations. The show prepared by the mini club children, family quizes, Flamenco parties, disco … you will find your joy, trust us.
  • So go ahead, join the many Village Center homeowners (over 4600) and choose your lifestyle too!

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