FAQ – Frequently asked questions

FAQ – Frequently asked questionsS

  • When I buy a mobile home on one of your campsite, am I the owner of the location?

    Your are the mobile home owner and the location tenant.

  • As part of the location renting, what are the expenses ? And what do they include?

    The rent varies according to the Villages. It depends on the geographical location, the services, infrastructure, opening dates … At Village Center, the amount of your rent includes your water and electricity consumption, as well as the acces to access to all village facilities and services for you and 6 beneficiary families.

  • Is my rent likely to increase?

    Yes, as any rent in France, but unlike our competitors, your rent is capped at 2.5%. So you can not suffer any “arbitrary” billing.

  • What are the benefits of signing a lease at Village Center?

    You should know that Village Center is one of the only companies to offer a “lease with tacit renewal”, which implies that your contract may be renewed for an unlimited period of 10, 15, 20 or more with the same terms and conditions. In addition, you can terminate our lease anytime by a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

  • What happens at the end of the lease?

    As stated in our contracts, the lease is automatically renewed.

  • Can I access my mobile home all year?

    No, you can’t. As the law dictates, our resorts have an annual closed season that allows us to preserve the quality of our Village. However our large opening period (8 to 11 months depending on the region) gives owners maximum use of their mobile home.

  • Can I rent my mobile home?

    Yes, either through us or on your own. Different formulas are available; one of our consultants will explain to you the formulas in details.

  • Can I sell my mobile home?

    Yes the sale of the mobile home is possible. On your own or via a direct recovery that we propose.

  • Will my mobile home take value over time?

    It does not. Unlike real estates, the mobile home is not intended to generate profits.

  • Why should I buy from Village Center?

    • A wide selection of new and used mobile homes for all budgets sold turnkey (delivered, installed, connected, with terrace, dishes and furniture included).
    • A tacitly renewable, suitable and safe lease.
    • The ability to fully amortize your rent by adhering to our “6 or 8 weeks” optimum formulas.
    • Privileged access to all our areas with carte nomade (outstanding advantage for our owners).
    • You have access to all Village Center destinations through a simple flat fee of € 55 per week !!!
    • Your family and friends can benefit too.
    • The advantage of enjoying your mobile home from August to November, depending on the villages.
    • Freedom of renting your mobile home as you wish.

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