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CARTE NOMADE : des avantages exceptionnels


spécimen Carte Nomade
MORE HOLIDAY ! Buy your holiday home in Brittany and enjoy Aquitaine sun , own on the Mediterranean coast and breathe mountain’s fresh air…

WEEKLY STAYS for a simple “Nomade” package of € 50,(except in case of upgrade) in all La carte Nomade 167 eligible destinations of the Village Center Vacation Catalog.

DAYS OF DISCOVERIES to enjoy all France’s Village Center, water parks and each campsite’s activities, during a break.

Question: It’s a stock exchange, timeshare or multi-ownership?
Answer: Neither one nor the other. La carte Nomade offers full vacations. We offer you our own mobile home so you can go to holiday at any time.
Question: How long can I enjoy my “Carte Nomade” ?
Answer: As long as you own for a period of two years under renewable conditions.
Question: How many stays of “Nomade” can I make every year, in addition to the use of my residence Village Center, if I own?
Answer : As much as you want, within the limit of 35 days per year in total (excluding high season, as mentioned in the Village Center‘s catalog and on the website of the current season).
Question : Can I benefit from preferential rates in high season?
Answer: Yes, La Carte Nomade’s owners enjoy an exceptional reduction of 10% in high season in all the campsites of the Village Center’s Vacation catalog.
Question : Can my wife and children benefit from La Carte Nomade without my presence?
Answer: Yes. In case of joint acquisition by a couple, the card can be used by Mr or Mrs, with persons of their choice.
Question : What type of accommodation can I access with my Carte Nomade?
Answer: an accommodation is planned for 4 people. You can also get an upgrade subject to availability, on the basis of € 50 each additional and stay.
Question : As an investor, can I benefit from La Carte Nomade?
Answer: Of course, you only have to be the owner of property acquired from Village Center.
Question : Is there any additional costs to be paid during the stay?
Answer: Only local taxes and optional services as well as the extras if you want to benefit from.
Question : Can I take my friends to this offer?
Answer : Yes, of course, only sponsor them to become owner.
Question : What if I lose my Carte Nomade?
Answer: You should promptly notify your landlord service, to prevent abuse. A new card will be sent on request. A flat rate contribution of € 50 will be required for the application fee and reissue.